Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is this a good time to invest in or develop land?

This is a great time to invest in or develop the right portion of land. We’re taking a lead position in today’s economy by supplying our customers with sensible land solutions that apply to today’s Arizona market. While properties are currently valued at below their original purchase price, many land owners are hesitant to do anything with the land to help them recover their original investment. Investor’s acknowledge this struggle from the owner and whether it’s a bank or private sale, the new buyer will end up buying the property for sometimes half the cost.

Undeveloped land that’s been previously zoned for its residential or commercial use may have other options such as high density products which can increase the lots per acre volume, enabling a greater investment return on your land.

Partially developed land can be a tremendous investment opportunity for investors and builders that are looking to capitalize on building lots or selling for profit. The Phoenix Metropolitan area, Maricopa County and other surrounding counties in Arizona will have a very healthy future building market and will draw new residents to the Valley to live in the highly desired master planned communities for many years to come.

Even though the rewards of buying partially developed land can be very promising, there are factors that you must take into consideration before the purchase. Many cities will not accept expired plans, construction on a job that may not comply with today’s standards, or a project that has been inactive for too long, therefore discarding the project and requiring a re-design. For example; utility piping, concrete, asphalt, etc, that may be exposed to the sun and weather over the years with a lack of maintenance can be salvaged and finished if the project is in the right position to do so. In many cases we provide free consultation services that will assist you with the initial site investigation, determining the current value and cost of development for the desired parcel.

Call us today and find out how Canyon Sunrise can be of assistance to you and your next land venture!


Canyon Sunrise Development, LLC

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Phoenix Grading Job Complete

Canyon Sunrise just finished clearing and grading a 15 acre foreclosure property in the Phoenix North Valley that had become a dumping ground for the last 2 years. Included in our Haul-off were 3 abandoned trucks, Over 5,000 feet of used wire and over 1,000 cy of spoil piles. After clearing, we were able to grade in all of the existing contours and slopes in various barrier areas perfectly.

The greatest return came when the current owner/investor called me this morning to thank me and let me know they received an offer earlier this week 2 days after they put it back on the market "cleaned and graded".